Coaching Process

Why have a financial coach?  If you are looking at your paychecks and wondering where it all goes, it means you aren't managing your money.  Instead, your money is managing you!  I usually begin with the process below but, I'm able to make accommodations based on your situation. 

Coaching Process - Ideally, these coaching sessions are in-person in Nashville.  However, I'm happy to do Zoom meetings or Skype calls to help you through each session.
  •  Consultation (30 minutes) - This consultation includes a review of your current budget (if you have one) or a review of your monthly income and expenses. Don't worry, we will work on creating a budget that works for you.  
  • 2 (1-hour) sessions to work on goal setting and budgets
  • 1 (1-hour) follow-up session to review the month completed and plan ahead for the next few months. 

Devotional Resources - You will find a devotion guide below that may help you during the first 5 weeks of your new financial management process.  Feel free to download and get started reading!  

I'm looking forward to working with you! 

Dawn Olson,
Oct 18, 2011, 9:06 AM