Kingdom Investment Plan

We hear many different ways to build an investment plan for your retirement but, how are you investing in the kingdom? God calles us to be His disciples and serve others.  These are some practical ways to begin answering God's call in your life.

Here are areas of consideration for building your KIP - Kingdom Investment Plan:

 Tithing     Bible Studies  
 In the church
 Small groups
 Donations of resources
 Discipleship classes
Local Missions
 Sunday school
Non-profit ministries (Compassion Intl., Samaritan's Purse)
 Global missions
 Main church service
 Christian Media
Special events
Church social events

As you look at these areas, how is your KIP shaping up?  Do you see some immediate ways to increase your investments in His kingdom? 

***I do not believe you can earn your way into heaven.  Salvation is a gift from God if you accept him as your Lord and Savior. The benefits of investing in the kingdom will allow God to bless you in immeasurable ways!***