Four Walls Basics

Several years ago, I wrote out and shared my dream to be able to help people write budgets for free! Now, I'm taking that a step further. After completing Dave Ramsey's Counselor Training (now called Financial Coach Masters Series), I felt that people need to have great understanding of the "Four Walls". Here's how it works:

When people are stressed about money, it usually means they are struggling to meet basic needs. If you aren't worried about the basics, you'll be able to focus on God's call for your life. There are many organizations in every community that can provide items in each of these areas. Once you have the basics, we can work on ways to be more self-sufficient and manage future needs.



  • Repair

  • Remodeling

  • Supplies

  • Tools

  • Repair

  • Bike or Bus

  • Fuel



  • Interview Clothes

  • Jackets/Coats

  • Basic Essentials

  • Personal Care (Cosmetics, Toiletries)

  • Staple Items

  • Snacks

  • Beverages

  • Kitchen supplies

Contact your local church or rescue mission to help you today.